IMG_0380♪All you need is love♪…and good food. Hi, my name is Fiona and here lies the chronicles of my fine frenzy. Since I was little, I have been the go-to food judge in the household from Reuben sandwiches to dark chocolate eclairs (P.S. I have a major sweet tooth). There are currently 4 things I am greatly committed to:

1. Family (that most definitely includes my quite fat cat, Zeus) 2. Academics 3. Dance 4. Food.

Have you ever left a restaurant satisfied, but not content? Expensive dining, dismal feelings. Let me ask you another question: Where did you have the best food in your life? Most would answer from some small taco joint or food truck. This is because eating is not just a materialistic pleasure, but additionally about the environment and feelings it is experienced with. On this blog, I am going to remind people how to bite with bliss. Here you can find reviews on restaurants based on how the food makes people feel, not just its quality, because happiness is quality. Well, in my opinion anyways, there is no greater love than the love for food. That sounded cheesy, (hehe) but seriously…I spend more time eating than doing my schoolwork which is a serious issue. Surprisingly, I am top 10 in my class of 546…don’t ask me how.

IMG_1294I despise homework, but I do have an assignment for all of you foodies; go to your favorite restaurant, possibly Lily’s Tacos, Lemonade, Tupelo Junction, etc. but not alone. Go with your family or friends! I know better than anyone how much fun it is to splurge by yourself, but I will remind you again, food is an experience!

bite with bliss.


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