Jack’s Famous Bagels & Coffee


“Always a line out the door.”

Jack’s Famous Bagels & Coffee has products that are indeed famous and have further strengthened their popular reputation for years.

IMG_3476Jack’s is my go-to bagel spot in Santa Barbara as they never disappoint with the innumerable choices of bagels, cream cheeses, bagel sandwiches, beverages, and more. They have bagels ranging from the Jalapeño Cheese to Cinnamon Raisin. With their many options, you can pair your bagel with basically any type of cream cheese you want- Lox Cream Cheese, Strawberry, Garlic, Original, and many, many more. After finishing my practice AP Biology exam, my sister and I went to binge on our favorite bagel spot in town. This is my favorite (along with many others) because their bagels are warm- toasted to perfect, doughy and they give you just enough of their rich cream cheese, and then some. When my sister and I went, my sister got a Jalapeño Cheese with the Original Cream Cheese and cucumbers (yes, she is weird), I wanted the Blueberry Bagel but they were out so I got the Cinnamon Raisin with the Original Cream Cheese, and we got an Everything with the Original Cream Cheese, seen to your left, for my dad back at home → SO GOOD.

At Jack’s Famous Bagels & Coffee, they also serve B-Eggl’s and Omelettes if you want somethingIMG_3478 a little more. When I went, their listed B-Eggl Specials included the Chorizo (Beef) B-Eggl which featured beef chorizo, melted cheddar cheese, and fluffy scrambled eggs all topped on whatever bagel you desire » MMM. They have many other options, but their Specials that day can be seen to your right. Furthermore, they also offered baked goods such as muffins, Apple Fritters, and other yummy items if you have a sweet tooth like me!

What’s nice about Jack’s is that they are joined with Peets Coffee & Tea so you don’t have to head to another location like Starbucks to get your perfect coffee for your perfect bagel. They have many choices such as Peet’s Coffee, Café Latte (can be soy), Hot Chocolate, Blended Ice Vanilla Mocha, and juices & tea. It was raining so my sister and I splurged on two hot chocolates!

Anyways, I can assure you that Jack’s Famous Bagels & Coffee are just as popular as I say they are as they are always packed with sometimes even lines out the door! The service is great as they are fast and offers suggestions and substitutions for your orders, and give a nice, friendly smile to start your day off right!

So, if you are really craving a bagel like those you can find in New York, head to Jack’s Famous Bagels & Coffee and grab yourself a warm and doughy bagel with a nice Latte- enjoy!


Overall: 😛 + $


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