Giovanni’s Pizza


“Their pizzas are almost always as hot as me (haha).”

Giovanni’s Pizza is generations of recipes passed down to only bring you the best homemade pizzas- better than your mom’s.

IMG_3445Don’t let the name fool you–Giovanni’s Pizza has a range of options on their menu from the Giovanni’s Special pizza to their famous Calzones and hot sandwiches. But first, lets talk about what they are known for » the pizza. Their choices include Specialty Pizzas, Vegetarian Pizzas, and Custom Pizzas. I’m too lazy (+indecisive) to choose my toppings, and sometimes I like Vegetarian-depending, but I usually order one of the Specialty Pizzas. These pizzas feature Giovanni’s Special (mentioned earlier) which has canadian bacon, pepperoni, salami, sausage, mushrooms, olives, bell peppers, and onions all on top of perfectly golden pizza dough and crust → YUM (it’s not really a pizza for picky eaters). Their Vegetarian Pizzas include one of my all time favorite classics, The Margherita! With the build your own pizza, if you are really that picky, you can choose from plain cheese, one item, combination of 2 items, combination of 3 items, or combination of 4 items, and each additional topping from then on ranges from $0.50 to $1.50, depending on the size of your pizza.

So, you are probably wondering what my family and I ordered. Well, we wanted to try something new so we order half Hot, Sweet, & Spicy and half Pepperoni and Mushroom, seen up above. To be honest, I did not like the Hot, Sweet, & Spicy side- it was just too much on one slice of pizza and the jalapeños practically over powered everything else. On the contrary, I really did like the Pepperoni & Mushroom (one of my dad’s favorite).

Anyways, as I mentioned before, Giovanni’s offers much more than just pizza. These optionsIMG_3473 include appetizers, hot or cold sandwiches, salads, pasta, and of course, calzones › every pizza place should have calzones on their menu. I normally take my pizza to go so my family and I can enjoy it at home with some RedBox movies, so we rarely order appetizers. However, if you are enjoying your pizza at the restaurant, I would suggest ordering Appetizer Trio which features three other appetizer options in one! This order includes Jalapeño Poppers, Buffalo Style Chicken Wings, and Mozzarella Cheese Sticks → HEAVENLY. Or you can always just go with the classic and get some Garlic Cheesy Bread, never the wrong choice. Furthermore, they also have hot sandwiches, which can be cold upon request. I haven’t ever tried these, but the Philly looked like something I might try next time. They also have pastas including the predicted lasagna. Anyways, if my family is too lazy to make a salad at home with our pizza, we normally order Giovanni’s Caesar Salad- really good.

So, basically all pizza places in town have arcades, I guess it’s a “thing.” But other than just their awesome inside setting with games and booths, they have a cute outside setting with lights and tables. The one I went to is located on the Mesa, but they also have other locations including State Street and IV.

So if you are in the pizza-kind-of-mood, head to Giovanni’s and enjoy their countless options, great service, and delicious menu along side a couple of games of pac man.


Overall: 😀 + $$





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