Blenders In The Grass


“I’m a mom of 2 athletic girls so I am always on-the-go and Blenders is perfect for on-the-go treats! (Did that sound too cheesy)?”

At Blenders In The Grass, they strive to provide its customers with quick, yet healthy alternatives for on-the-go choices whether you are in a rush or just in the smoothie kind of mood.

IMG_3287Blenders In The Grass menu has countless options ranging from smoothies to juices, and even Blenders Bowls! Their smoothie menu includes Juicy, Creamy, Tropical, and Powerful. The Juicy smoothies feature simple smoothies such as their Original (fresh OJ, strawberries, banana, and non-fat frozen yogurt) and others like the 50/50, or Strawberry and many more. The Creamy smoothies include their quite popular, Peanut Butter- non-fat milk, peanut butter, banana, and ice milk » you can also add chocolate or carob, and other creamy drinks such as the Mocha. The Tropical smoothies feature my all time favorite → THE TROPICAL GUAVA. This spectacular drink is a combination of guava juice, strawberries, banana, non-fat frozen yogurt, and pineapple sherbet. The Powerful smoothies showcase the famous Blue Pomegranate, which everyone seems to love but I just think it’s too tart- pomegranate juice, non-fat frozen yogurt, raspberry sherbet, and banana and blueberries. It also includes other variations including the Green Tea and Tropical Kale (not in Tropical section because Kale is a superfood).

In addition to those very tasteful drinks, Blenders offers fresh juices and bowls (as well asIMG_3289 wheatgrass shots which I don’t recommend). With their fresh juices, you can create your own combination with any of the following: orange, apple, lemon, tomato, carrot, ginger, parsley, celery, garlic, cucumber, spinach, and kale › I definitely prefer the smoothies…Anyways, they also have Bowls (kind of a #copycat of Backyard Bowls). Their Bowls include the Acai Bowl, Tropical Acai Bowl, and Pitaya Bowl. The Acai Bowl, most asked for, is made with apple juice, acai, strawberries, banana, and all topped with honey, granola, and banana slices. Their bowls are good but to be honest, if you are in the mood for a smoothies bowl, just go to Backyard Bowls if it’s near your location (their review is coming soon). They also have freshly baked goods, seen to your right!

IMG_3288Furthermore, all of these options come with the choice of supplements, the options are seen to your left, with the first supplement free with your drinks and additional ones $0.50.

Blenders In The Grass has countless locations which makes it accessible, easy, and fast! Their pricing isn’t too high either as most of their 24 oz drinks are $5 and the $12 oz drinks are $3.50…I suggest just getting a big one, they are that good! Oh, and a secret, if you are splitting a smoothie » ask for it to be split into to 24 oz cups and not the 12 oz cups so you get all of the extra smoothie they would just trash anyways!

So, if you are in the mood for something refreshing and sweet, yet healthy, stop by a Blenders and enjoy the variety of choices they give you!


Overall: $ + 😀



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