Grace’s Sweet 16!


“My cake decorator was color blind- but it’s still perfect.”

Birthdays are the perfect example for biting with bliss- family, friends, & food…the best combination.

Last weekend, my friends and I celebrated our good friend, Grace’s Sweet 16! It was the perfect setting, located at her mansion of a house with a complete outdoor area and kitchen. As guests arrived, we waited for dinner with appetizers including chips, guacamole, and salsa, and cheese and crackers near an outside fireplace. Knowing me, I got full on appetizers before the main dish was even served- this happens to me all the time, unfortunately. Grace’s birthday was “Tiffany” themed so everyone was dressed up– that meant pictures on pictures on pictures…and then some (tehe).

IMG_3271Quickly following our photo shoots, we were lead to an outside dining table with assigned seating » everyone was friends, so no one disliked their seat- very fortunate because those situations are quite #awkward. Anyways, unlike most sixteenth birthday parties where there is catering from some fancy restaurant, Grace’s birthday dinner was completely homemade, and no, I was not disappointed— it was some of the best food I had ever had and I couldn’t believe it was homemade by her mom (who is the sweetest). Dinner featured a delicious and crisp summer salad, warm and fresh penne pasta with an appetizing red sauce, large, cheesy servings of Spinach Lasagna, and endless amount of perfectly toasted and buttery garlic bread → SO GOOD. My ginormous plate can be observed to your left, I bet I made you hungry. #sorrynotsorry.

After reaching my maximum limit with dinner, we then discovered this new game “Flinch” toIMG_3272 pass time by before a second round of food- cake. Soon, we went back to our seats to find a lit birthday cake- since the birthday was “Tiffany” themed, her cake was a Tiffany Gift Box, which you can see to your right—and yes, it was supposed to be a different color but her cake decorator happened to be color blind (haha!). Anyways, the cake included layers of dense double chocolate chip cake with rich chocolate mousse filling, covered in a thick layer of fondant → YUM (I’m a huge chocolate fan).

After being filled to our limits, like on thanksgiving and yes I mean it, somehow we were supposed to get into our bathing suits for a pool party in her very pretty pool area with fancy fountains. It was more of a jacuzzi party in that everyone, except my very spontaneous friend, Adriana, stayed in the jacuzzi. After being in the pool for not too long, Grace’s mom comes out saying, “If you know my daughter, you can never come to our house without trying Grace’s homemade cookies!” -and yes, we cleared the plate of cookies…I honestly have no idea how after everything we ate earlier.

Anyways, Grace’s Sweet 16 exemplified this blog’s purpose, to teach people how to bite with bliss, as it was an experience with friends and family that made the food taste that much better!


P.S. Happy Sweet 16 Grace! ❤



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